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Welcome to a world where muscles meet femininity. 

I hope through this website to help you build yourself a better body, whether it’s to tone-up, lose weight or gain more muscle.

Meet Pearly

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We all have busy lifestyles! Work, families, but have you ever stopped and thought about you? How often do you take time for you? Life flies by and in a blink of an eye I am now 58 years of age. I wanted to invest in me and my health and take more responsibility over my body, instead of investing in my home or car etc.  Well, that is where I had got to in my life. I wanted a challenge! Extreme sport is something to take me outside my comfort zone. I wanted to reconnect with me and play a game with myself to see how far I could take the challenge.  I wanted something you cannot buy.

So, I found myself starting a journey to bodybuilding. I was fascinated to see how it could change your body’s physical appearance. For many months I would pop to the gym do my little workout and go home. But I never got the results I really wanted – I tried all the diets, googled everyone, lost hours of time looking at Instagram comparing myself to others and so-on (which I think was my first important lesson). So, focus on you and only you. Do not compare what other people are doing. it is a complete waste of time and energy, energy you could be using wisely in the gym.

It was time for me to explore and find out more about how I could achieve my goals. So, through this website I hope to inspire, encourage and help anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and to take on the challenge to get into the best possible shape at any time of their life at any age. I will be sharing my experiences, knowledge, tips, nutrition, ups and downs from start to stage, helping you to finally get in the best possible shape of your life physically and mentally.

Love Pearly xx

Our Approach

Who is This For?


The main thing to say is that Pearly Bodybuilding is primarily for ladies. And especially for older ladies. Pearly has worked incredibly hard to show that a fine physique, plus bundles of feel-good energy and wellbeing is achievable with the right sort of approach. Now, this isn't a magic system - it's based on the hardworking principles of bodybuilding. And hard work it is. But receiving the right amount of guidance and support from us, that is tailored to the needs of women, makes all the difference between failure and success.

Bodybuilding Techniques


It's very important to stress that we are not trying to turn anyone into a bodybuilder. Our approach uses bodybuilding techniques because in our experience they're much more effective at delivering change to strength and physique than other methods. It's also important to say that nowhere in any of our courses do we suggest the use of performance enhancing supplements of any kind. Indeed we firmly believe that proper wholefoods, managed in a controlled diet is the best solution of all.



Everyone knows that in our modern world, processed foods and time-saving convenience is pulling us away from a natural healthy diet. Our programme redresses this problem at its core with detailed nutrition plans and daily steps to guide you. In our LBB1 course the nutrition is healthy produce that is easy to buy from your local store. The regime is fairly disciplined but not extreme. The idea is to take your body through a process of change with the nutrition you are eating. Detoxing from additives, significantly reducing sugar and caffeine, and increasing fruit and vegetable fibre and vitamins.



With wellbeing, we all talk about time out, peace of mind, de-stressing and so-on - all important stuff. But to make changes we have to find motivation. So for success we have to make motivation the output of wellbeing. So there's the process: wellbeing - motivation - success. The idea is to help those who struggle with self confidence, image, and in the bigger picture, enjoying a great life.


Pearly is our inspiration, and hopefully she can be yours too.

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Nutritional Cooking


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Our Programme – The Principles


The core of Pearly Bodybuilding is our LBB1 course. It is designed to deliver great benefits to health, fitness and wellbeing. The programme is based on the following three fundamental elements:

  • Using Bodybuilding Principles as the core method for strength and fitness training.

  • Using Bodybuilding Principles as the core method for nutrition management.

  • Using our collective knowledge and experience for significant wellbeing support.

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