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Anita's Garden


The project is progressing brilliantly and thanks to further donations we are now up to £6,000.00 raised. Preliminary work is about to start on the project but further donations are still welcome. Indeed, if we raise more, we can add some extra features to the final design. 

So if you would like to contribute you can 'purchase' a donation below.

Donate to Anita's Garden

Help us to make Anita's garden a beautiful place by making a donation to our fundraiser. Apart from the 2.5% processing fee, all of your donation goes directly to Anita's Garden Project. Select below for a £5, £20, £30 or £50 donation. When you donate, our system will send you a standard invoice that will also say that a product will ship to you, which you can ignore of course. We have received your donation!

More About Anita

Anita is very dear to me, and she has been dealt a rough deal in life. She is however, a great character and always surprisingly upbeat about stuff. I have talked to her on many occasions about me helping her with her garden – something that is quite simple to solve really, with a little bit of money. MND is a devastating disease.  Not only for those who suffer from it but also for the families who watch their loved ones disappear.  The love and support from family,  friends and organisations is invaluable.  If you can,  please show your support.

Anita says – "I was diagnosed with Primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) in February 2018.  I remember that day so clearly.   Hearing the devastating news I had a form of Motor Neurone Disease (MND),  a terminal illness that would change mine and my families lives forever. I'm 5 years in and yes, things have changed dramatically,  but we keep positive.  My husband is my rock,  with his love and support and the love of our family and friends we try to make the most of everything. I have great support from my 2 Carer's while my husband,  who works full time,  is working.  Then for the evening's and weekends my husband is my Carer. It's a very hard way of life,  but life it is, and we intend to enjoy it."

This is Anita's garden before the start of the project. We'll post more pics when work is underway.

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