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Types of Programme

Ladies Bodybuilding

  • Based on bodybuilding principles, the goals of these programmes is to create significant improvements in physique, fitness, strength and nutrition.

Free Tutorials

  • Free Tutorials. Simple free guides to support progress and provide useful information. Available now.


Programme Details

Ladies Bodybuilding 1 (LBB-1) (available now):

  • A 28-day introductory training and nutrition programme.

  • Confidence inspiring to get you started towards your goals

  • Online mentoring and support from Pearly throughout.

  • Comes in eight Variants to meet client nutrition requirements.

Important – How It Works​

LBB1 comes in 6 Variants

It is essential that you purchase the right course variant for you. There are two important things that we use to determine which variant of a course you need:

  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

  • Whether you want to gain, lose or maintain weight.

In the grey panel you will see our BMR and Course Variant Calculator. Fill in your details and hit 'calculate' to find your BMR and the right variant for you. Remember that the Variant calculated may have a significantly different calorific value to your BMR as it takes into account the exercise component of the courses and whether you want to gain, lose or maintain weight.

  • Variant A – 1250 cal/day

  • Variant B – 1500 cal/day

  • Variant C – 1750 cal/day

  • Variant D – 2000 cal/day

  • Variant E – 2250 cal/day

  • Variant F – 2500 cal/day


Every course includes a weekly 'Check-in' that enables both you and our coaches to monitor your progress and make changes to your nutrition if required. 

Choosing and Using Your Programme


So once you have used the calculator, select the correct variant letter for the right programme for you. After you have made your purchase you will then be able to access your programme through the members area of this website. Simply follow the instructions to take you through the process and set up your user account

Using the WIX FIT App

You can either choose to use this website to purchase and use your programmes, or you can use the WIX FIT app, available as an IOS App and Android App. The app is the best way to access your programmes on mobile devices.




Terms & Conditions.

By purchasing our programmes you agree to all of our terms and conditions. Your information is held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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