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More About LBB1 & LBB2



Ladies Bodybuilding 1 (LBB1) and Ladies Bodybuilding 2 (LBB2) (planned release Feb 2024) form our two introductory courses into the benefits of using bodybuilding techniques for training, nutrition and wellbeing. LBB1 is a one-month starter for clients to see if they like this approach, and LBB2  is a 2-month developmental programme that builds on both the weight training and the wholefoods nutritional elements.


 LBB1 and LBB2 introduce you to the fundamental exercises that form the cornerstone of strength training, the principles of proper nutritional planning based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) plus the calorie burn of the training, and all the elements of wellbeing that go hand-in-hand with these high-level developmental programmes.

At the completion of LBB1 and LBB2, clients should be benefitting from considerable all round physical and wellbeing improvements.  And at this stage, clients will be in a good position to determine if they wish to progress to further bodybuilding training with us, such as a full one-to-one programme.



When you start LBB1 we have to set a baseline point for your calorific intake. We do this by calculating your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and adding 300 calories to that figure to initially take account of the exercises you will be doing. We call this point 'BMR+300'.


And of course, with differing ages, heights, and weights, different clients will have different BMR+300 starting points. So to take account of this we provide three variants of LBB1:

  • LBB1 variant A (1500). For clients who's starting BMR+300 score is below 1700. This sets your calorific intake at approx 1500cal/day.

  • LBB1 variant B (2000). For clients who's starting BMR+300 score is between 1700-2200. This sets your calorific intake at approx 2000cal/day.

  • LBB1 variant C (2500) For clients who's starting BMR+300 score is between 2200-2700, This sets your calorific intake at approx 2500cal/day.

  • Clients who's BMR+300 score is above 2700 should still choose variant C.

Remember that this process just sets the starting point. Each variant of LBB1 includes a weekly 'Check-in' and this enables both you and our coaches to monitor and discuss progress, and suggest changes to nutrition levels if necessary. It is important to understand though that we are not trying to create a weight changing programme with LBB1 – for most people this course, although not difficult, is quite a change to your eating and exercise regime – so LBB1 is more of a reset, giving your body and metabolism time to adjust. The longer LBB2 introduces more exercise, more wholefoods and also starts at a baseline (this time BMR+400). But on LBB2 we would be looking to support you in building an understanding of your fitness, physique and weight in an holistic way, and helping you to take all three in the direction that you want. Complete support, in essence to hone you into an athlete, comes in our one-to-one bodybuilding courses!


Weight Training & Cardio

The bodybuilding techniques within LBB1 and LBB2 contain a structured plan of both weight training and cardio. Weight training in particular is the key element that will drive physical changes and we believe it is important to have a good understanding of how this works. T read all the details please check out our free tutorial – The benefits of Weight Training.

LBB1 & LBB2 Nutrition

The other main physical element of LBB1 and LBB2 is nutrition. Taking your body on a fundamental change of direction with nutrition can be just as much of a revelation as starting weight training. The structure of modern consumerism makes it all too easy to develop poor nutrition habits. As we get older our body works harder to deal with over-processed foods, additives and preservatives, huge quantities of salt and sugar and very little of the real nutrients that our bodies were designed to digest and use. LBB1 starts to reset nutritional intake with a plan that sets the right basic calorific intake and the reduction of unwanted processed foods and additives. LBB2 takes that process further with an almost complete wholefood nutritional plan. 

It is really worth having some background understanding if you are thinking of embarking on a course at this level, so please go through the free tutorial About Nutrition and Wholefoods.



Good health and a happy life cannot come without good wellbeing. Whether you just want to improve diet and fitness, or reach athletic levels and win competitions, wellbeing is essential. In the past, not much consideration was given to wellbeing but many people suffered as a result. For Pearly, and all our clients, good wellbeing is like training for the mind and it's integral to all our programmes.


Every day of LBB1 and LBB2 contains a wellbeing step that raises interesting points, gives suggestions and examples of things you can practice to improve wellbeing. There is also a quiz every day and some of those will be about wellbeing.

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