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 I'm always very flattered when people ask me questions, and I really hope what I have to say is useful.

I have put the most common ones together here with answers I hope will be helpful.

How did you get started?

Believe it or not it was a challenge to see if I could get stage ready for a competition. At the time, I had no intention of actually competing.

I'd visited my first show in August 2022 and was impressed by the condition of those incredible athletes! After watching them I knew I wanted to unlock the secret of how to achieve what they achieve. I remember asking one of the lady judges how old is too old – there  was no age limit. So the game for me was on, that was my starting point. My mission was to get on stage at 57 years of age and not look  out of place, and yes in a very tiny bikini and heels (that took courage).

What top tips would you give a beginner?

The best advice I can give is believe in yourself, commit to yourself and visualise where you want to be. Find and invest in a knowledgeable coach – this is a whole subject on its own! But most of all... enjoy it.

Why did you choose the PCA for your first show?

Well as a beginner I wasn’t sure which shows to go for but my coach knew exactly what show would suit me so I took her advice and signed up with the PCA federation.  I’m so pleased I did – from the moment I arrived to the moment I left ,PCA took me completely under their wing. It's a fantastic federation, well run and everyone makes you feel at home and at ease.  And the stage setting was beautiful, and I feel honoured to have been able to step on it!

What was the hardest part of your prep? 

I must admit I liked prep! I knew this would bring everything together, so I found it exciting. The one thing I did find hard was getting on stage, but I found the courage in the end.

Do you think sports massage is important?

Yes I think it is vital. Working regularly with a knowledgeable massage therapist keeps things supple and flexible, and helps lower the risk of training injuries. It also sometimes flags up a muscle problem or tendon/ligament inflammation issue that I might not be aware of. Then we can take care of it early, before it becomes an issue.

How did it feel to win the masters?

Im laughing here because it still feels like I dreamt the whole thing up! I still can’t believe I won. So much so, my medals are hidden away just in case I get a knock on my door asking for them back. How did it feel to win? I was honoured and amazed – I'm still smiling now.

Do you really play the Sax?

Yes I do. Well, I'm learning and I'm really not very good! But I find it a relaxing thing to do and it gets my mind onto something else. Perhaps it helps keep me balanced and prevents me from becoming too single-minded about bodybuilding.

I am thinking of getting a coach, what should I do?

Do your homework – there are lots of coaches out there. My coach is with me 100% of the time. She responds straight away, she questions me all the time, she keeps me focused by daily check-ins and she knows her stuff! She keeps me accountable, she drives me, she is always learning – keeping up to date with the latest trends. She catches me out with my training plans if I make a mistake, she makes me laugh and she makes me cry. We are a team.

My training and diet plans  are exclusive to me and me only. They are not not a generic plan – everyone needs different plans because we're not all built the same.

What type of competitions do you do and where are you appearing next?

I do quite a few UK competitions and you can see all the ones I will be attending on the Events Page. And of course, if you are going to be at any of them, please give me a shout – I would love to meet you.

At the moment I am picking competitions from most of the main bodybuilding organisations such as IBFA, UKUP and PCA. And I do have a plan to get to some overseas competitions soon – more on that later!

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