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Mission Statement

September 2023

Pearly bodybuilding is a new startup with its fundamental premise set around the success of Pearly Dobson as a competitive bodybuilder. Pearly, at age 58, has shown that older women can sustain fitness, physique and health at a very high level with bodybuilding techniques.


The website is currently focused on featuring and supporting Pearly as she prepares to embark on her next season of bodybuilding competitions this autumn (fall 2023). The broader concept however is to create an online suite of training programmes and an associated support network for women who want to use the power of bodybuilding principles to make more significant physique and fitness changes than might be achieved using traditional training methods.


Our programmes will also extend into serious bodybuilding, up to competition level, but with specific focus on women. In particular there will be lots of guidance and support around issues such as confidence and safe behaviour (for stage work), maintaining wellbeing and a good life/training balance, plus prudent checks on the risks of body dysmorphia and eating disorders. Programmes will be by subscription and available through both the website (WIX) and the WIX Fit App.


Pearly also represents an exciting fitness and wellbeing story and is already being seen by many of her followers as a role model and potential influencer. She is also in tremendous shape physically and attractive, and represents a great marketing/modelling opportunity for sports brands, modelling agencies, media and fashion.


Detailed objectives:


1. To establish the provision of online training programmes, primarily for the use of women (all ages), that use the principles of bodybuilding to varying degrees.


  • The programmes will be by subscription and available through both the website (WIX) and the WIX Fit App.

  • All programmes will contain varying degrees of gym work, other fitness elements such as walking, dietary guidance or structured nutrition plans, plus significant wellbeing and mindfulness elements.

  • All training will be interactive through the completion of regular feedback steps embedded in the programmes that will be monitored and answered by us.

  • Programmes will range from shorter and simplified ‘tasters’, through various levels of more significant courses, right up to bespoke one-on-one coaching.

  • Incentivised package offerings will also be provided for groups and corporate customers.


2. To continue to expand our support and development network of women currently engaged in fitness and bodybuilding pursuits or who may be interested in doing so.


  • Continue expanding current social networks.

  • Actively promote Pearly Bodybuilding for new potential followers and clients.

  • Continue to engage with UK and international bodybuilding organisations.


3. To increase the promotion of Pearly as an ambassador for fitness and wellbeing.


  • To find and engage with organisations that support women’s fitness and wellbeing.


4. To engage with promotional partners in modelling agencies, sports equipment, sportswear and mainstream fashion.


  • To find and realise product endorsement opportunities.

  • To engage with modelling agencies

  • To work with partners that can engage with Pearly as a significant role model story and modelling opportunity.


This Mission Statement may be subject to change without notice.

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