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We don't usually put motivation together with wellbeing. With wellbeing we talk about time out, peace of mind, de-stressing and so-on. But is not motivation the end output of good wellbeing? In this sport, our ultimate goal is to achieve as much as we can. So there's the process: wellbeing – motivation – success.

Motivation Leads to Commitment


The end result I want from motivation is to be able to commit to working hard. Coming up with a plan, and applying discipline sounds easy, but it isn't at any time – but without motivation and commitment, it's pretty much impossible.


Motivation has to come from within, no one is going to make it easier for you. There are no magic potions or magic words of encouragement.  You must dig deep, become a little selfish, and just keep ticking all the boxes.


When I need motivation very much in the moment I go through the obvious thought processes; not to give in (no matter what), and although it's physical it's really a mind game. Yes, I set it as a game in my head. I'm playing me vs me.


Then, when it comes to longer timescales, I needed to find out which 'me' was the more powerful within the mind? And how long could I sustain, and win, the battler?


For example, I have an argument with myself every morning when the alarm goes off at 5am ( in some cases earlier) for the gym. One side of me says just stay in bed where it’s lovely and warm. The other side is saying get out of bed and get the job done and the game won. The battle gets harder in the depths of winter when I would rather stay in bed.  But that’s the easy option, in order to achieve your goal you have to stay consistent and committed. You need these two elements in order to follow your plan and achieve your goal.


In a way this is the essence of my motivation. And with practice it all starts to fall into place.

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So what are the lessons here?


So I think it's when you start to see results that you start to build  up a resilience to 'the battle' every morning. Slowly but surely it comes together.


We can now access a great deal of online content of course,  seeking motivational support from other people, which is amazing. But a word of warning; make sure you’re not comparing yourself too much to the people you might be following – perhaps just look for clues about their experience and their wellbeing. My advise is to keep the focus on you and keep your own wellbeing in good condition by using those people around you who actually know you.  It was my team who taught me how to deal safely and effectively with  any negative thoughts I would get about myself. 

So my suggestion is learn how to motivate yourself by using a variety of strategies. Find what's best for you but make sure you stay well mentally. Make sure you have a network of support around you – never isolate yourself. Once you do this you will be amazed at what you achieve.


One final thought – none of this is a quick process. Think of it as wellbeing and motivation takes as much time to master as your long-term training programme. And of course, I am certainly not a motivational guru.  I can only share what I have found works for me.


But ……. If there are any motivational gurus out there I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please do get in touch through my contact page.


Love Pearly xx

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