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More About Pearly

The Game changer


Why?... Because today I still can.


We all have busy lifestyles! Work, families, but have your ever stopped and thought about you? How often do you take time for you? Life flies by and in a blink of an eye I am now 58 years of age. I wanted to invest in me and my health and take more responsibility over my body, instead of investing in my home or car etc.  Well, that is where I had got to in my life. I wanted a challenge! Extreme sport is something to take me outside my comfort zone. I wanted to reconnect with me and play a game with myself to see how far I could take the challenge.  I wanted something you cannot buy.

So, I found myself starting a journey to bodybuilding. I was fascinated to see how it could change your body’s physical appearance. For many months I would pop to the gym do my little workout and go home. But I never got the results I really wanted – I tried all the diets, googled everyone, lost hours of time looking at Instagram comparing myself to others and so-on (which I think was my first impotant lesson). So, focus on you and only you. Do not compare what other people are doing. it is a complete waste of time and energy, energy you could be using wisely in the gym.

It was time for me to explore and find out more about how I could achieve my goals. So, through this website I hope to inspire, encourage and help anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and to take on the challenge to get into the best possible shape at any time of their life at any age. I will be sharing my experiences, knowledge, tips, nutrition, ups and downs from start to stage, helping you to finally get in the best possible shape of your life physically and mentally.

Love Pearly xx

Meet the Team

Hey, I can't do it all on my own. So I think it's very important that you meet the team!

Pearly Cool 1.JPG



Pearl Dobson

The star of the show and very cool too. Pearly loves her sport, the lifestyle, and winning prizes.

steve walking 1.jpg

Media and Web Design


Steve Elford

Either slaving over a hot computer or hillwalking on the Isle of Wight, Steve keeps all that backroom stuff going.

Coach Coco.jpg

Training Partner


Lance Griffiths

As Pearly's training partner, Lance provides that day-to-day motivation that is essential to get up to competition level.

Team Videos

Rather tongue-in-cheek and a bit silly, check out these videos for some more insight into Pearly's world.

18 Jun 2023. Returning from the UKUP Northern Championship, Warrington.


Pearly interviews Lance and asks about the benefits of her pro card and what it's like for Lance training her.

17 Sep 2023. Pearly and Lance at their regular gym, The Gym Group, Newport Isle of Wight.

Pearly shows all the stuff a bodybuilder needs as she goes though the kit in her multiple bags!

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