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I love Coconut water

Since I started this journey , I have learnt so much about myself, about strength of mind, about body composition, in fact the list is endless.

After almost six months of being in calorie deficit of some description I am in my hotel room having eaten my last meal before the show tomorrow and my body is craving coconut water .... yes coconut water

It's not that I am exactly dehydrated. My normal daily intake is between four to five litres. But the body is an amazing thing and tonight's it coconut water.

Other cravings have included cauliflower cheese, watercress, wine gums , and eggs Benedict.

This time tomorrow all results will be in and there will be a massive relief and a degree of remorse.

It will be incredible to choose ( to a degree) what I can eat. The freedom to have a lie in rather than going to the gym at daft o'clock every morning. Perhaps even wearing a dress rather than leggings and sports bra to name a few.

However , remorse because I guarantee I will miss the routine, the discipline, the next goal to achieve, the next workout to smash.

This is not to say that I am retiring, far from it. Bodybuilding has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me and already I have a photoshoot booked in June and ofcourse the British Championships in October

So , I will definitely take a period of deload but I know that it will not be for long

My body , like many of yours works better when it is challenged on a regular basis. It responds to discipline , good food and rest.

So , my next post will be after the show but I want you to know that it is the learning about myself, how my body works that pushes me on a daily basis to be a better Pearly

Love Pearly xx

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