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I'm a Pro!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Someone asked me the other day what were my plans. I answered by saying that I simply want to ride the wave until it ended. Coco, my coach, said to me that as one wave ends another starts and although I would never admit this to his face I know he's correct 🤪

The first wave kind of ended at the Universe competition, but I am pleased to announce that a new one definitely started this weekend at UKUP Northern Championship in Warrington. The competition strategy was to go, have some fun, and get some stage time to allow me to improve my posing. It didn't start well ............

(I had to remember what I had said before; this is a mental strength game and if you are not strong enough mentally you could quite easily be beaten down )

So, the first class of 5 this weekend was a disaster. I was placed 6th out of six athletes. At this point you start to question everything. I knew I was in the best shape possible but that doesn't mean anything in that moment. Self doubt hits you round the head like a sledgehammer.

Coco and I talked very bluntly about what we could have done wrong. He was as upset as I was. Not because I hadn't won, but because we both didn't understand why I hadn't placed higher.

I then got a silver medal in the over 50's category and the over 35's model category. An amazing result I agree against superb athletes, but we were still reeling from the 6th place in the first class. It was then that one of the judges spoke to me and said that I was not to worry, I was simply too muscular or toned for the categories that I had entered.

Different federations look for different conditions of an athlete, the judge explained, and I was not best suited for the first categories that were held that day.

Well, as they say , the magic then happened., I went on to win the Open Bikini Athletic Class & the Bikini Athletic over 35's. The emotions were running so high and to top it all I was also awarded my Pro Card. Yes , my Pro Card!

It still seems so unbelievable , and in my first season of competing. To say I am pleased is an understatement. This honestly just goes to show that if you put the work in, the belief in, keep the negativity out of your life, get a good team to support you, you literally can achieve what ever you wish.

I am living proof of that, and It goes without saying that with the support of a great team, particularly Coco and Stelf, the results have been amazing. I truly couldn't have done this without you.

Watch out for where this new wave takes me!

Love Pearly xx

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