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Our Minds are Amazing Too

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Our bodies are incredible. We're given the gift of one incredible machine and we can programme it to do pretty much whatever we want it to do. You just need to see it to believe it, and train the mind and muscles to achieve it. The mind has the ability to achieve goals beyond our wildest dreams. But it does need training, challenging and recovery, just like our bodies.

So is there a way of training your mind? Of course there is – that's what all top athletes do. I have found that you need to find a way to programme your mind. For me, in essence, I repeatedly tell myself what my vision is, what my goals are. And I keep on saying it, yelling it out even when I'm in the gym. Honestly, it's a bit like military boot-camp motivation to run up that hill and achieve your objective.

Now I’m not a sports psychologist, nor have I studied the human body academically. But I can offer myself as the 'evidence based' case. And I think this is more important than any academic theory because it's much more relatable. We all want to find out how to do things from people we connect with, and as I have travelled around to competitions this year, I have been repeatedly approached by other bodybuilders who want to know how I, 'Pearly', do it.

So now that I have been analysing my processes and techniques, I believe I have something important to offer – particularly as an older woman who is perhaps pushing the expected boundaries and norms (my team's words not mine!). The purpose of our work now is to try and capture that, describe it in detail and create lots of guidance and support for anyone who may be interested in joining me on this journey. That is, I guess, the purpose of this website and we will be significantly increasing its content to support our aims. More on that soon.

Love Pearly xx

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