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Wellbeing and Business - From a Different Perspective

So I'm a freelance website developer working closely with just a few small businesses here on the Isle of Wight. I work a little differently than most in that I embed myself into the business and become a part-time member of the client's team. We go on the business journey together, the website grows continuously and the business grows also.

With Pearly, I got where she wanted to go with her business ideas immediately. Pearly was having great competition success and clearly is an exceptional role model. I saw the potential in this straight away from a commercial point of view. But I'm interested in the cause here too. The mission of inspiring people to stay fit and healthy, have purpose and ambition and to win against the odds, particularly as we all get a little older.

I'm very passionate about wellbeing. I'm ex military and although I'm not a bodybuilder I can yomp up and down hills all day long. That's what my beloved wife Kathryn and I do on a regular basis and we keep ourselves very fit and healthy. Good diet is part of that too. So of course, I instantly relate to Pearly and Coco with their objectives to develop a strategy promoting hardcore bodybuilding, and scaled back levels of training as well, for improvements in health and wellbeing.

What I also love about pearly is that her attitude is great. She's humble and modest and has a soft and gentle approach to things, except when it comes to lifting heavy weights - and she's only little! And Coach Coco is a driving force all the time - enthusiastic about training, competitions, and wellbeing but also with an excellent work ethic to get things done. Honestly I have been very surprised - i think we have formed a winning team here and it's going places - fast.

Stelf x

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