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I have found that motivation stems from wellbeing. I think that makes sense. So in this section I have written about how I motivate myself for my sport, and make sure my wellbeing is good too!

Flower Field

The Great Outdoors

I'm lucky to live in a beautiful place, the Isle of Wight. I can walk on windswept cliffs overlooking the ocean or explore great forests and connect with nature. sometimes I make a real long hike of it, or sometimes I just sit and count wild flowers. More coming soon.

Down Time

Taking proper time out to meet up with friends, or go to the cinema, is an important life balance too. I like to go for coffee with pals that have nothing to do with body building. Catching up and being good friends with them has proven to be an important safety net when things have got a bit tough at times. More coming soon.

Coffee with Friends


Bodybuilding is a sport that requires a single-minded approach. Competition is quite stressful as well – you're putting yourself out there and being judged. So after a few hard knocks, and getting over-tired and stressed at times, I now know that I need a well structured wellbeing element in my life.

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