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Pearly On The Radio

I am very passionate about increasing the awareness of being able to improve health, physique, wellness and lifestyle at any age but with a focus on ladies in their later years.

Bodybuilding has given me the opportunity to do this. To be honest, I didn’t expect it to. I simply followed my instincts. It was initially a personal quest that has now made me realise that I am living proof that you can ‘’Build a body’’ to be proud of by using bodybuilding techniques. Not only has it changed my physique for the better, but it built my mental strength, nutritional knowledge and my confidence.

Pearly up close with the mic on Vectis Radio
Pearly up close with the mic on Vectis Radio

Let’s talk about confidence. Never, did I ever think I would be on the radio being interviewed about my chosen sport, but it happened; I spent two hours with the wonderful host Danny Stimson on his Radio Vectis teatime show . By the way, Vectis Radio is a radio station on The Isle of Wight, England.

Well, the time flew by, and I loved every moment. We discussed all the subjects that I am passionate about – food and training in simple terms. The whole interview will be available from next Tuesday and I have asked Stelf, my newly titled E-Commerce Wizard, if we can share on my website. In the meantime, I hope you like the photos.

Fingers crossed.

Love Pearly xx

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