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Dancing with Donna

So, it really isn't every day that you get to share a dance studio with a genuine Moulin Rouge Can Can girl. Yes Really , please read on.

My first season is still a blur and every time I look at the trophies I am still dont believe that it's me. However , next year my intention is to compete in Europe. This will be a whole new ballgame. The standard will be much higher and I have to look at everything in fine detail. Really sweating the small stuff as they say. As a bodybuilder I stand in front of the judges for approx 5 minutes for them to decide who is the winner. Its a very subjective sport , as much as there are class standards at the end of the day it the judges opinion. I actually applaud this method of judging and the numerous shows that I have completed this year I have always agreed with and respected the judges decision.

As much as I am aware of my physique and its strengths I am also really aware of the weaknesses. Good conditioning, a balanced physique will simply not be enough in Europe. I am probably 10 months away from my next show so the hard work in the gym has already started but I have also got to get my presentation top notch ...........if not better LOL

Allow me to introduce Donna Stimson in the words of her Sports Presenter husband Danny

"Donna was classically trained in ballet from the age of 3 . At 5ft 9.5 she was too tall to continue in ballet and aged 18, she auditioned at the London Pineapple studios to become a Bluebell Girl and Can-Can dancer in Paris at the infamous Moulin Rouge! She now continues as a fitness instructor and teaches Fitsteps ,a fitness dance class with Latin and ballroom steps inspired by Strictly come dancing and is also qualified in ‘Les Mills’ Body Balance- a programme that includes Pilates, yoga and Thai Chi!"

I met Donna a few months ago whilst training. She is such an elegant , incredibly beautiful , unassuming lady who has given me an incredible amount of help , advise and now as off Saturday tuition. Just walking into the Studio I felt really nervous. Strapping on my heels after a few months didn't help but to them see such a professional in action awe inspiring. I always feel like a baby elephant on stage and yet Donna looks like a swan, total elegance and beauty.

Donna turns a simple walk into an art form. She makes her body look so elegant and has definitely got her work cut of if she is going to continue helping me . ( fingers crossed ) I cannot thank Donna and Danny enough for the kindness that they have shown me whilst I am on this crazy journey. Bodybuilding has opened so many doors, so many opportunities and I have met so many incredible people. Donna has inspired me to work harder, be a better athlete.

Love Pearly xx

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Sports presenter 😂 👌🙌

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