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Posing at The Phoenix Zone

Supporting local businesses is high on my agenda. The Isle of Wight is such a beautiful place and it's home to numerous artisan businesses and small enterprises that really add to the experience of living here.


One of these is a new venture called The Phoenix Zone. The business is based in Gurnard on The Isle of Wight, within the Gurnard Pines holiday complex.  Its a place I've visited and used a lot over the years, it is also where my training partner Coco runs his Sports Massage business from. The gym has just been refurbished too and is suitable for competitive athletes or first timers.


I approached the new owners one Sunday morning, with a view to asking if I could use their newly refurbished fitness studio for posing practise. They didn’t hesitate for one second and I have used it weekly to hone my stage routine. 


Shouting out to them on my website is just one small way of saying thank you. If you are local then do pop in and see the developments that are on going and say Hi.


They're a great team.


Love Pearly xx

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