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When Is a One Percent Gain Not Marginal?

To achieve great results in this crazy sport you have to apply yourself 100% – 33% training, 33% nutrition, 33% sleep and recovery. Hey, hang on – I was never front of the class but even I know that there's a single percent missing here. And in my head if it's only 1%, it can't be that important, right? Wrong! If that 1% is posing then it's very important. And it's only for 90 seconds so surely it can't be hard. Wrong again.

Some of us work for years to finally get into the condition to get on stage. And if we make a mess of our posing and presentation, then we might as well not even have turned up. Don't the judges look at your physique first and foremost? Sort of, but it's not that simple. If I think back to the competitions that I have entered this year, they have all been incredibly tough. All the athletes have been in incredible condition. In some cases a single point could make the difference between a silver or a gold. It turns out that if the judges see that two athletes are so close that they can't make a decision based on their physiques alone, they then look at other parameters – this includes presentation. So, applying simple logic here, I have got to work on my posing.

In five weeks, I will be competing in the British Championships. The line up without a doubt will be very close. So now, after every workout, I will practise my posing for 30 minutes. At the weekends I will be hiring a studio and the sessions will go to 60 mins. But the thing is, there is a real skill to posing – so how do I know I'm doing it right?

The answer is, attend a posing workshop! I recently attended one in Birmingham and it has been incredibly useful. I'm not from a dance or performing arts background so I don't have that natural stage instinct and the course taught me lots of stage work aspects. So now I know that when I get ready to step on stage, I've done absolutely everything I can to get me a placing.

I think the posing workshop might just have been that final one percent!

Check out the pics of the fabulous people I met there. Thank you everyone.

Love Pearly xx

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