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T-minus 24 hours

A really early start yesterday, 6.30 ferry, 3 hour drive to Ultimate Fitness in Birmingham for a pump session.

Pump sessions are pretty much the standard workout for the whole week. It means that we have to stimulate the muscle , flush fresh blood into the muscle fibres but without any risk of injury

En route , The Krispy Kreme man kindly let me raid his van at the services. The donuts would normally be a great treat after the show but for me , unlike other athletes , I am currently craving avocado, poached eggs, smoked salmon and focaccia!

I have never really been one for sweet stuff but this ofcourse can change

Whilst in prep your body craves the most unusual food depending on the time of day.

I must thank the guys at Ultimate fitness Birmingham, who allowed me to cause havoc in their incredible gym. Because of their hospitality I thought they would enjoy the donuts more than me and judging by how quickly they were devoured , they were definitely NOT in prep week

The Double Tree Hilton at the CBS arena again is staffed by such wonderful people. So accommodating. It's not easy sneaking air fryers, rice cookers, bedding , electric cool boxes ( 3 in total ) etc into the room

I miss hotel rooms with refrigerators 😀

Three check ins with my coach yesterday, and a change of food pretty much every time,

I managed to blag myself into the show area whilst it was under construction.

OMG what an amazing stage. Once again the PCA have always made me feel so welcome. Sensing that I was feeling intimidated by the whole magnitude of this place they were so lovely

I am going sign off now for the moment, my challenge for the evening is to put my feet up and choose a nice chick flick on the TV

Not long now

Love Pearly xx

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