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T-minus 76 hours !

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

All systems are go , as they say

Seeing as Pearly is in the final stages of prep and of course in the middle of peak week I got challenged to blog about her progress.

This is my third competition as Pearly's coach and training partner. Pearly's online coach (at the time ed.) has the hard job but has completely nailed the nutrition. My job is to

make sure that every single rep, every single set and hence every single workout is executed with 150% intensity.

The training has gone very well this week. We have as per usual had a couple of niggles but that is par for the course. It happens when you have an athlete like Pearly who believes that unless you get two personal bests within a workout you have failed. She is in calorie deficit to strip the fat and hence viruses , coughs , colds etc are a worry.

My job is to reign her in , and keep her injury free and as healthy as possible.

The team has learnt so much from the last two competitions and are pulling out all the stops to ensure that we bring Pearly to the stage on Sunday in the best possible shape.

She will be slightly heavier, her muscles will be fuller and as much as it sounds contradictory she will have less body fat.

We are trying a couple of new ideas for this show. These are ideas that normally you wouldn't even consider as coaches but this is what makes this sport so incredible.

I am sure Pearly would be happy to share her peak week journey with you if drop her a line on the contact page

Coach Coco

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